It’s Saturday morning and I’m still on a level of excitement from Thursday.  I’ve never done a ‘Press Day’ and though I felt apprehensive the day just flew by. 

This year’s event was held at the Good Housekeeping Institute – Cookery School in Soho and was in its second year hosted by Laura Quick PR. 

The theme obviously was all things ‘Christmas’ and Brysocréma was on hand to deliver the 'Christmas Sparkle' in the form of make up with the support of the London Makeup School who we have partnered with by supplying the graduate MUA's (we were literally the BLAZING squad).

We knew that we were going to be busy but nothing prepared us for the amount of visitors we had and the makeover’s the team did @stephlui88 and @vanessa_makeup_hair.  Whilst I was armed with my clipboard full of ‘Press Release’s’, literature and a bottle of water to hand with all the talking I had to do.  We were like a well-oiled machine moving in sync with one another.

Having the opportunity to demonstrate live and the products SWATCHED to the hilt allowed me to meet with beauty experts of the mainstream media, make up artist and bloggers (with an impromptu recorded interview) the day really was a GREAT day’s work.

Follow-up meeting’s in the bag and opportunities on the horizon, I REALLY can’t complain at all.


I often find myself checking and double checking with my PR team and trawling through emails to confirm that an opportunity is really happening (as I am usually in disbelief that the industry has really taken to the brand so quickly). 

This month I was invited by the 'London College of Beauty Therapy' to share with their students my experience in launching my brand of make up.   It was such an engaging discussion that I too really got to understand the focus of these young ladies, drive and inspiration (so it was a shared experience all round). 

The group I had was 16-19 year old Level 2 students with some just having gone through their GCSEs and were embarking on which for some will be the start of their careers as ‘Artists’.   I call them ‘Artists' because it’s not just the application of makeup as the medium; it’s learning Theatrical, Special Effects, Media including Editorial, Film and TV expertise.

So when I sat with these ladies it was such a real honour to speak to individuals who are of an adolescent age and hearing their first thoughts about the brand.  I also made a point to actually bring in items that I initially made at home all those years ago in order to demonstrate that I really did create my range and it was something that was used as the basis of what was develop into the collection of today. 

Bear in mind however, I think this is the first time that someone demonstrated a DIY range of make up.  Nonetheless, it was very much appreciated as they got to see for themselves the progression of the brand and the investment of bringing to market a superior range of products using high quality ingredients (having moved into manufacturing).  In which case it was a learned experience on both sides as we are all at the start of our ‘Industry Journeys’.

However, parallel to my discussion I also had my Freelance MUA @stavy_makeup (Instagram) to carry out a live demonstration on a volunteer student who was a really good model.  After which we finished our Q & A session which ran for over an hour and the students had time to trial the testers with many saying how great they are in pigmentation, coverage, lightweight and translucent. 

These are the pivotal moments that really highlight the meaning of why I created B:UNDENIABLE and our passage forward.  So all in all, I have to say a room full of impressionable young adults wasn’t too scary at all.

After which we left keepsake bags for the ladies to endure a free gift. 


After the Christmas period of eating, drinking and generally over indulging.  The New Year encourages new beginnings of detox, diets and routine.

That is why it’s a great time to start prepping the skin for the Spring/Summer seasons in the form of a ‘Facial Detox’.

As a routine we are well aware of the cleansing and toning but how about ‘Detoxing' and ridding the skin of all the impurities that causes us such distress.  Once a week is more than sufficient and can be carried out with ingredients that can be found within the home already.  Our ‘Banana Honey Facial Detox’ recipe will have you prepped and ready for the Spring/Summer which will promote healthy, radiant and clear skin.


Homemade Facial Detox

Our ‘Banana and Honey Facial Detox’ recipe will have you prepped and ready for the Spring/Summer which will promote healthy, radiant and clear skin.

In a bowl add;

- Tsp of Honey*

- Half a Banana* and mash

- Tsp of Cayenne Pepper*

- 2 tbls of Sugar*

- 2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar*

Mix all contents together and massage into face and leave for 20mins, remove with lukewarm water and dab face to dry.

Benefits of the ‘Facial Detox’

  • Honey is naturally antibacterial, so it's great for acne treatment and prevention.  It’s full of antioxidants and so great for slowing down aging.  Not to mention that it’s extremely moisturizing and soothing, so it helps create a glow.

  • Banana has natural properties of Potassium, Vitamin C and E this makes the skin feel smoother and brighter.

  • Cayenne Pepper has Vitamin C and E and helps erase wrinkles, dark spots, acne scars and promotes healthy flawless skin.

  • Sugar is a natural humectant and hydrates.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar has a natural pH balance similar to skin and will help to restore balance.

Happy detoxing!!!




Cupids Bow - The infamous ‘Highlighter’ has more uses than just to accentuate the upper cheek bones and the tips of your nose.  It’s also a great way to create an illusion to make your lips look fuller and plumper, this trick isn’t something that’s a new fade it’s been used for decades by the beauty industry but has now come to the forefront.  This friends is called accentuating the ‘Cupids Bow’.  This effortless, non-invasive way to plump your lips without ‘Collagen injections’  is easy to achieve by literally applying the brush to your highlighter and sweeping over the ‘little dip’ just beneath your nose.  However, be careful not to apply too much as it can look like you have dried milk/cream on your upper lip (just like the old milk ads in America).  Nevertheless, if you have a dare-ish side you can take it a step further and do it the ‘DKNY Spring 2017’ way and wear a glittery or metallic finish.   Even so the best way to carry out this look is to make sure that the highlighter is lighter than your lipstick and your good to go!

Blazing Reds - The Red lipstick is the LBD staple to your makeup bag, it’s a must have and an essential to those days when you want to make a statement.  However, though it’s not a new trend but has been a part of the makeup fad since time began.  The LFW SS18 have decided that it’s out with the Red bold lip and bold eye and in with muted makeup and finished with a bold Red lip.


Highlighters – This is a fantastic product to have in your makeup kit bag.  Many brands have taken different variations on ‘Highlighters’ from cream/mouse like products, liquids/Primers and pigmented powders they do as they say and radiate the skin.  Whether applied as an all over base, mixed in with your foundation or used as a finishing product to illuminate certain areas it’s a sure way to get you noticed.  Not only that, brands are introducing more colours too for the really adventurous persons amongst us.

Reverse Eyeliner – This is a sure fire way to add a pop of colour to your eyes, but everything seen on the Runways for SS18 points to going against the grain.  Now we’ve spoken about holographic eyelids, graphic eye and under eye.  But just to give that little extra knowhow of this simple yet qwerky look we’ll explain how to do it in minutes and you don’t have to be an expert to do it.  Just use your eyeshadow or liner by using a small brush and apply to the bottom lashline and that’s it, don’t be shy and use your boldest colours.  It’s the look of the season!


This blog review is different from most as again the honour was all mine to write an article for 'VIVACIOUS MUM'.  

In their December Christmas issue I wrote an article on glowing seasonal beauty products called 'TIS THE SEASON TO BE GLOWING!'.  I have recommended all the best glowing products that will get you radiated and noticed from the 'Christmas Office Party' to the 'Christmas Family Dinner'.

You can find the full article on the 'VIVACIOUS MUM' website, along with all the other festive features that will help you prepare for this seasons festivities.

Christmas Edition - Brysocréma Ltd.jpg



The B:UNDENIABLE Bloggers Edition

Our long awaited industry launch event went live on Thursday 2nd November and what a fantastic event it was.  We had such an array of industry individuals from bloggers, influencers, Press and Media.  For us it was totally overwhelming that all these personalities would spend their evening with a new brand launch and we loved it.

We started the evening off with a short-film piece with the Founder.  Explaining why the brand was created, values and principles.  Followed by the Founder taking to the floor with a round of applause which was so endearing as the journey to market had not been easy.


Take a Bow!

Introducing the brands concept, values and principles.

Addressing the audience allowed for a personal engagement of discussing the importance of the legacy and how to communicate the underlying message of consumer first and growing the consumer confidence.

From this we moved onto the ‘Masterclass’ which was demonstrated by Shelene (Make up Artist) and the Founder who explained all the benefits and objectives of each of the products.  The demonstration was carried out on 2 models of difference complexions to highlight the variety of the brands products and then we delved into a Q and A to finish with the Founder.

The night brought about a real understanding of the brand and the Founder.  Not to mention an opportunity to network, forge new collaboration opportunities, trial the products and a Raffle.  It was a successful night of great Canapés and Fine Wine with a marvellous Sweets table and fabulous desserts.


Sweet Treats!!!

Our sumptuous desserts were all the rage...

The objective of the night was to officially launch the brand to the beauty industry (and that we did) with much success.

Thanks again to everyone that came and supported us!


The much anticipated Demur Pop-Up Party finally arrived with many eagered fashionistas waiting in the wings.  The ambiance was vibrant with a live DJ playing all the latest music across multiple genres.  So it allowed for a more social interaction and being in the heart of Soho it was fitting of our surroundings.

For me it was my first customer facing experience and the anxiety levels was increasingly rising as 7pm approached.  Out of nowhere spectators flooded in with drinks in hand and a friendly smile with a look of curiosity of what each vendor had to offer.

At this point as the first spectator approached the stand it became apparent that there was no place to hide so put the fears aside and sell your brand.  Once I got past the first 'meet and greet' as it were, more and more individuals were flocking to the table and it became more of a social interaction of meeting likeminded individuals (as it wasn't just women) who wanted to gauge a better understanding of how, why and when to buy.  Not only did I get to interact with potential customers but I got to learn about who my customers may be.  I met models, bloggers, photographers, fashion designers and those who are interested in entrepreneurship and new business.

After an 1 1/2 hours of networking with my potential clients and fellow exhibitors we were entertained with 3 live band performances with a fabulous female solo songstress called 'Mylo' followed up by a group called 'Society of Alumni' and then topped off by an Indie band called Daze.  All have been featured on the Demur website (so do have a look for more information).

However, we had the honour of meeting the Founder of the 'Brixton Soup Kitchen' who were the honourary charity of the night.  They help families and individuals who are in need of a hot meal throughout the City of London and as such rely heavily on donations as they receive no Government funding and as such received with thanks all the donations of dried foods and monies.

The night was finished off with a raffle-off with Demur's competition whereby individuals paid to win a prize and proceeds were donated to the 'Brixton Soup Kitchen' (all food related prizes) so well done winners.  Then our very own Brysocréma was running a 'Sign-up' competition to win an Opaque Eyeshadow worth RRP £8.  Our lucky winner was No.18 and chose the Palatial Pink', so enjoy!

Overall it was a fantastic experience, the objective was to introduce the brand and to enable individuals to interact with myself and the products and to understand that the aim is to create a brand of consumer first.

Credit to Alex Mitchell Photography and Leroy Coke.



The Catwalks have spoken and the trends has been set for Spring/Summer 2018.  Not everything will transpire for our everyday beauty regime but key elements of using the right accents of colours of the season will compliment your wardrobe.  Nonetheless, don’t be shy to put your own stamp on your style and switch-it-up with these handy hints and ideas that will create a ‘coloursplotion’ from within.


The prominent precise lip-lines has been softened to a blurrier edge and a more worn effect.  This was emanated by Missioni who had a slight smear of a Strawberry lip colour as opposed to Vivienne Westwood who played up to the extreme dramatisation and smeared ‘Scarlet Red’ lipstick out towards the cheeks and chin area in true VW style.  The shimmery Pinks and Pilar Box Red are truly colours of the season and will be played out for some months to come.


We spoke of the ‘Graphic Eye’ that was débuted at the NYFW runways of colour blocking of bold streaks.  Highlighted in the Oscar de La Renta Show the main attraction was rainbow stripes using multiple shades whilst Calvin Klein opted for Silver-shimmer star dust on the under-eye area.  Which also trended heavily with smokey under-eye or under eyeliner.

LFW did their own take on the abstract eye by going totally opposite to create soft smeared Jewel tones around the eyes. 

Paris went for the flamboyant bejewelled lips and eyes as showcased by Dries Van Noten as ‘Crystal does, Crystal did!’

Nevertheless, if crystal lip and eye accents are too expensive and not within budget just cheat and use white, silver shimmer eyeshadows with holographic designs to create the ‘Inter-Galactic Chic’ look as seen at the Manish Avora show.


There was hardly a contour in sight and instead many shows were opting for traditional blush to the apples of the cheeks as seen in Valentino whilst Pinks and Reds headlined at Chanel.


Inter-Galactic Chic

Accept the trends and create your own spin.


We are very honoured to have our brand featured at the Demur Pop-Up party to be held at the Condé Nast College of fashion on Friday 20th October. 

This will be our debut to our Pre-launch, having this opportunity will allow us to interact with spectators and fulfil curiosities.  Check back with our follow-up blog to see all that went down on the night.

Remember we go live on Monday 6th November at 6am.

Demur Pop-Up Party

Our debut event is nearly here....


I had the honour of writing my very first article for 'Vivacious Mums' on the hot topic of 'Make up tips for women in their 40's'. 

The reality of 40 doesn't mean game over on our routines, confidence and vitality for life.  It means we embrace the changes that are to come and to understand how those changes will impact on our bodies and so too our make up routines. 

If you want to get your hands on the full 100 page free magazine on all things fashion, lifestyle and beauty go to Vivacious Mums and get your copy.