The much anticipated Demur Pop-Up Party finally arrived with many eagered fashionistas waiting in the wings.  The ambiance was vibrant with a live DJ playing all the latest music across multiple genres.  So it allowed for a more social interaction and being in the heart of Soho it was fitting of our surroundings.

For me it was my first customer facing experience and the anxiety levels was increasingly rising as 7pm approached.  Out of nowhere spectators flooded in with drinks in hand and a friendly smile with a look of curiosity of what each vendor had to offer.

At this point as the first spectator approached the stand it became apparent that there was no place to hide so put the fears aside and sell your brand.  Once I got past the first 'meet and greet' as it were, more and more individuals were flocking to the table and it became more of a social interaction of meeting likeminded individuals (as it wasn't just women) who wanted to gauge a better understanding of how, why and when to buy.  Not only did I get to interact with potential customers but I got to learn about who my customers may be.  I met models, bloggers, photographers, fashion designers and those who are interested in entrepreneurship and new business.

After an 1 1/2 hours of networking with my potential clients and fellow exhibitors we were entertained with 3 live band performances with a fabulous female solo songstress called 'Mylo' followed up by a group called 'Society of Alumni' and then topped off by an Indie band called Daze.  All have been featured on the Demur website (so do have a look for more information).

However, we had the honour of meeting the Founder of the 'Brixton Soup Kitchen' who were the honourary charity of the night.  They help families and individuals who are in need of a hot meal throughout the City of London and as such rely heavily on donations as they receive no Government funding and as such received with thanks all the donations of dried foods and monies.

The night was finished off with a raffle-off with Demur's competition whereby individuals paid to win a prize and proceeds were donated to the 'Brixton Soup Kitchen' (all food related prizes) so well done winners.  Then our very own Brysocréma was running a 'Sign-up' competition to win an Opaque Eyeshadow worth RRP £8.  Our lucky winner was No.18 and chose the Palatial Pink', so enjoy!

Overall it was a fantastic experience, the objective was to introduce the brand and to enable individuals to interact with myself and the products and to understand that the aim is to create a brand of consumer first.

Credit to Alex Mitchell Photography and Leroy Coke.