How to achieve a bold eye that won't slip in the heat

As the weather hots up we tend to opt for a minimal, fuss-free beauty routine that won’t see us re-applying every five minutes. A busy, hot summer day can leave us with an undesirable patchy look, eye makeup smudged half way down our face, that is only discovered post important meeting in the staff bathrooms when it’s a little too late.

But who wants to always play it safe?

Makeup and colour should be enjoyed, celebrated and used for whatever occasion whether it be at work or an evening out with the girls.

Our highly pigmented long-wear Eyeshadows blend effortlessly, are crease-resistant with a silky smooth, irridesent finish. They have been designed to be easily applied without crumbling into a mess or leaving a dusting of colour on parts of the face that we didn’t apply to. These strong, bold colourshave been formulated to work on all skin tones and don’t dull after a couple of hours after application. They’re true multi-taskers and can be applied wet as a cream Eyeshadow or a bold liner.

For the ultimate lasting hold, we’ve designed a two step routine to make sure your Eyeshadow stays firmly in place no matter what life throws at us. Our makeup Elixir can be applied to the whole face as step one, forming the perfect base for all of our products, meaning maintenance is kept at a minimum.

Our go-to’s this summer are bright and striking colours. Colours inspired by the season, of times spent away, deep blues like the ocean and burnt reds reminiscent of an evening sunset. These are pigments that will bring out your inner Goddess and release confidence from within. These travel friendly pots fit easily in your carry on and add a bit of sass to your holiday look. Brazen Bronze, Firebolt Green, Deluxe Denim and Crimson Crush are just a few of our favourite brights we will be rocking this season. So go bold or go home!