I often find myself checking and double checking with my PR team and trawling through emails to confirm that an opportunity is really happening (as I am usually in disbelief that the industry has really taken to the brand so quickly). 

This month I was invited by the 'London College of Beauty Therapy' to share with their students my experience in launching my brand of make up.   It was such an engaging discussion that I too really got to understand the focus of these young ladies, drive and inspiration (so it was a shared experience all round). 

The group I had was 16-19 year old Level 2 students with some just having gone through their GCSEs and were embarking on which for some will be the start of their careers as ‘Artists’.   I call them ‘Artists' because it’s not just the application of makeup as the medium; it’s learning Theatrical, Special Effects, Media including Editorial, Film and TV expertise.

So when I sat with these ladies it was such a real honour to speak to individuals who are of an adolescent age and hearing their first thoughts about the brand.  I also made a point to actually bring in items that I initially made at home all those years ago in order to demonstrate that I really did create my range and it was something that was used as the basis of what was develop into the collection of today. 

Bear in mind however, I think this is the first time that someone demonstrated a DIY range of make up.  Nonetheless, it was very much appreciated as they got to see for themselves the progression of the brand and the investment of bringing to market a superior range of products using high quality ingredients (having moved into manufacturing).  In which case it was a learned experience on both sides as we are all at the start of our ‘Industry Journeys’.

However, parallel to my discussion I also had my Freelance MUA @stavy_makeup (Instagram) to carry out a live demonstration on a volunteer student who was a really good model.  After which we finished our Q & A session which ran for over an hour and the students had time to trial the testers with many saying how great they are in pigmentation, coverage, lightweight and translucent. 

These are the pivotal moments that really highlight the meaning of why I created B:UNDENIABLE and our passage forward.  So all in all, I have to say a room full of impressionable young adults wasn’t too scary at all.

After which we left keepsake bags for the ladies to endure a free gift.