B:U is the introductory visionary collection of Brysocréma. 

A superior range of make up that empowers individuals to be creative with colour.



B:U (B:UNDENIABLE) is a luxury range of make-up for women of colour  that embodies and celebrates individuality. As well as sending an additional message of empowerment that is undeniable.

We believe wearing make-up is your personality in colour and your individual stance on creativity, showcasing your overall look of sophistication, elegance and glamour.  

Brysocréma products have been formulated to match the undertones from cool, olive-toned Mediterranean complexions to dark-toned skin.  It has the benefits of moisturising foundation compacts that contain vitamin E and anti-aging compositions. As well as High Intensity lipsticks that are crease-free, lightweight and has a flawless finish.

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Now remember –

Wear it. Love it. Embrace it. But most of all B:U – B:UNDENIABLE


From the first stroke our products are hydrating, firming and highly-pigmented that minimises the appearance of fine lines.  Helps reduce DNA damage produced by UV lights.

Nadine 13.jpg

A range of tones from cool/medium to dark that compliments ones complexion.  Textures are luxurious, effortless and lightweight that leaves the skin looking naturally flawless.

Multi-functional Eyeshadows that can be applied wet or dry to accomplish ones look.  These products are long-wearing, crease-free and highly-pigmented. 




Please contact us if your a Beauty Professional or a Retail Outlet and wish to stock our brand.  We're always enthusiastic to hear from interested individuals.